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I just went back looking for clothing links I have posted 5 or 6 years ago. I guess I don't look at those sources enough to notice they do not work. I need to dig about more to regain my lovely German men's clothing info.

Stink bugs

Stink bugs, or shield bugs, those lovely invaders into North America, are waking up and crawling over the ceiling. I think I've caught at least 20 in the last week.
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Sudden, understandable desire

I had the sudden desire to go hiking in the Sierras of California today. The wife and I did that before the kids came along and it was mucho fun. It must be the seasons and being stuck inside most of the time.

Also, I got to watch on tv (as I was setting up downstairs to watch the Superbowl later) offroad rally trucks racing on a snow-packed ski slope track in the Red Bull Frozen Rush, which was way amusing. This was a first for these racing trucks that typically run in the desert, and I think only 1 of the drivers had ever driven on snow before. It rocked.


The kids had a great time today. We all visited friends (Matt and Jill) this afternoon/evening. They have a son who will be 2 in a few weeks, so all 3 kids played hard.


Today I learned of the passing of someone I can only describe as a person interested in things. Anthony J Bryant/Edward of Effingham (as he was known in the SCA) apparently died on Dec 25. . .

Yea, just yeah.

I spit negation at thee, death, and live. I live as though I will live eternally as I am now, and not as if I will cease to be, because I will always be who I am.
Maybe one day I will accept death as a part of life, but I have railed against it since one of my closest friends died when I was a child, and still do.

Perhaps some long, long ago words will be kinder to your mind than my, well, anger.


Holiday weekend

I hope those of you who had a long weekend were able to enjoy it. Mine seemed to go by quickly, even with not traveling.

Also, remember that this is a difficult time of year for some. Keep that in mind, and maybe even do something nice for a random person.

Oh, and beer. Definitely, beer.

Comments on random blogs, news stories, videos, etc

Here's the thing about comments to news sites feeds pictures and etc.  Even if you make the best, most sound and/or greatest comeback, you will be lost in the volume of semi-mental vomit that so many probably otherwise decent people spew in places there is near anonymity.  Seems as though it is similar to those people driving like sociopaths: with no recourse there are no limits. 
Food for thought.