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Frrom has a flaming axe!

7/20/17 03:44 pm - OLD POSTS AND LINKS

I just went back looking for clothing links I have posted 5 or 6 years ago. I guess I don't look at those sources enough to notice they do not work. I need to dig about more to regain my lovely German men's clothing info.

2/21/17 01:37 am - Stink bugs

Stink bugs, or shield bugs, those lovely invaders into North America, are waking up and crawling over the ceiling. I think I've caught at least 20 in the last week.

9/19/14 01:37 am - bed

Well, my spot in bed is occupied by a five year old who takes up as much room as I do.  Spare room it is..


2/3/14 12:20 am - Sudden, understandable desire

I had the sudden desire to go hiking in the Sierras of California today. The wife and I did that before the kids came along and it was mucho fun. It must be the seasons and being stuck inside most of the time.

Also, I got to watch on tv (as I was setting up downstairs to watch the Superbowl later) offroad rally trucks racing on a snow-packed ski slope track in the Red Bull Frozen Rush, which was way amusing. This was a first for these racing trucks that typically run in the desert, and I think only 1 of the drivers had ever driven on snow before. It rocked.


1/20/14 01:19 am - Kids

The kids had a great time today. We all visited friends (Matt and Jill) this afternoon/evening. They have a son who will be 2 in a few weeks, so all 3 kids played hard.

12/27/13 11:25 pm - Sadness

Today I learned of the passing of someone I can only describe as a person interested in things. Anthony J Bryant/Edward of Effingham (as he was known in the SCA) apparently died on Dec 25. . .

Yea, just yeah.

I spit negation at thee, death, and live. I live as though I will live eternally as I am now, and not as if I will cease to be, because I will always be who I am.
Maybe one day I will accept death as a part of life, but I have railed against it since one of my closest friends died when I was a child, and still do.

Perhaps some long, long ago words will be kinder to your mind than my, well, anger.

12/10/13 12:54 am - Phrase

New phrase to use as appropriate:

Monday Back Guarantee

12/5/13 12:29 am - If you can proofread, please read on!

If your very first sentence for a job opening reads something like, "If you are an experienced of Quality Manager or Director with and Food Manufacturing experience, please read on," I will not be reading on.

12/2/13 12:59 am - Holiday weekend

I hope those of you who had a long weekend were able to enjoy it. Mine seemed to go by quickly, even with not traveling.

Also, remember that this is a difficult time of year for some. Keep that in mind, and maybe even do something nice for a random person.

Oh, and beer. Definitely, beer.

11/18/13 01:30 am - Comments on random blogs, news stories, videos, etc

Here's the thing about comments to news sites feeds pictures and etc.  Even if you make the best, most sound and/or greatest comeback, you will be lost in the volume of semi-mental vomit that so many probably otherwise decent people spew in places there is near anonymity.  Seems as though it is similar to those people driving like sociopaths: with no recourse there are no limits. 
Food for thought.


10/24/13 12:31 pm - Frustrations with getting what you want (weather-wise)

I absolutely love autumn. It is my favorite season for many reasons, some of which are:
-Cool weather rocks.
-Changing/falling deciduous plant leaves, and everything associated with them.
-The smells in the air are just lovely.
-Autumn harvests include some of my favorite foods.
-I love apple pie, and make them often this time of year.
-Is it fair to list Halloween twice?
-My late summer birthday heralds the changing of the seasons, and still makes me look forward to the future.

I do dislike one thing, though, that I have discovered as a parent. Right now I don't have time to go running/other exercise in the morning, which is my preferred time to do it. A 2 mile run is a nice wake-up, and something I haven't been able to do in weeks. It is too dark in the morning before I go to work. I'm forced to carve evening time away from my parental time, not something I find easy. Sure, millions of others have been in the same position, but that doesn't mean it isn't a pain in the ass. It also means that I sometimes end up taking my energy out fighting - like I'm guessing I will at tomorrow's Silva Vulcani practice at CalU.

10/4/13 06:09 pm - Things Only Parents Say

Said to my 1 1/2 yo daughter just now:

"What are you doing? You are not putting crispy rice cereal in your crotch, are you?"

9/21/13 01:09 pm - Rain

The all-day rain sucks for many reasons. Here are a few, bullet-pointed for your reading convenience:

-Cooped up kids are crazed kids.
-Cooped up Waynes are crazed Waynes.
-Yard work is not happening for yet another weekend.
-Deck is not being stained.
-No Oktoberfest trip to Penn Brewery today.
-No bike rides (see first bullet point.)
-Painting is also not happening, as it is too damp.
-Wash/wax/work on Vanagon is not happening.
-Only limited cleaning out of the garage possible.

So, basically, doing anything outside is unavailable, which leads back to the first 2 bullet points.

9/4/13 12:44 am - Throwing sand from their sandboxes

I think I'll be avoiding the "Ask the White Scarves" FB group for a while. (Although, my grand-knight's existence did break someone's argument, so that was kinda fun.) Man, a lot of people are taking awards and this rapier peerage thing too seriously. Its just a thing, people. Life will go on.

*throws sand*

8/30/13 01:19 am - N. Korean music makes me giggle

I cannot help but giggle at the N. Korean music I find on YouTube..

8/17/13 11:50 pm - Still messy after all these weeks

My house won't clean itself, no matter how many times I look around hoping it will. Sadly the desire for a thing does not create a thing. :)

8/14/13 12:11 am - Rapier blades confusion

It seems there is a bit (ok, a lot) of confusion brewing as to what is an acceptable blade in SCA rapier combat. This stems from comments on the SCA Rapier Combat FB group.
Quick summary so you don't have to look if you don't care to: a few people state we have gone back to the 2009 "Appendix 5" list of approved blades, as the BOD rejected the 2012 approved blade list changes. Others point out the official info source says nothing on this topic.
This was apparently discussed at Pennsic's rapier moot on Wed 31 July. It is not written anywhere, nor have I seen anything from anyone in any official capacity. So, its not official, and therefore simply . BUT, if this was changed, 2 weeks is 2 weeks too long to make sure we, the users and enforcers of these policies, have them. I'll see what responses my email inquiries get tomorrow. Er, today.
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8/13/13 11:57 pm - Shocked by the AEthelmearc chiv

I think I might just fall down. I noticed our chivalry finally put up another webpage.
The picture links are all broken, though.

7/19/13 10:23 pm - Pennsic 42 approaches

Well, Pennsic is almost here. This year I will be limited to only a handful of days, including the middle weekend. Karen will have even less time there. In the overall scheme of things, though, its not that big a deal. I enjoy spending time on the SCA, but enjoy doing stuff with my kids more. As it should be.

Anyhow, those of you I'll see at the site in a week.. well, I'll see you in a week.

5/27/13 02:02 am - The ickys

3 of the 4 of us have puked in the last 2 days..
Wonder if I'm next.


4/14/13 12:57 am - Long day

Oh so tired, yet still up at 1am.

3/9/13 01:19 am - Monday

I plan to be at work at 6 Monday morning. I somehow forgot until tonight that due to the daylight savings time change, it will be 5am according to my body. Fun!

1/6/13 04:30 pm - Post-trip to CA

Hope everyone enjoyed their New Year. I still seem to have internal clock issues with the readjustment to Eastern Standard Time, as I have been staying up much too late the last week.
Jan plans are mainly to purge things I don't want or need.

11/17/12 11:22 am - Recipe ideas

I'm looking at a couple of slow cooker cookbooks to make something interesting this weekend.

11/6/12 07:13 am - US Election day

Its Election Day here in the US! Please go out and make your voice heard.

10/16/12 12:25 am - Go To Bed

Must stop creeping about the internet looking at expensive things to buy, and go to bed.

9/11/12 11:17 pm - Birthday

Sunday was my 41st birthday. Enjoy every minute; I am.

8/19/12 01:01 pm - Today

I sent fredeburg and the baby off to fencing practice, and Das Karl and I stayed home. He's got a terrible-looking (and probably itching) rash anyplace on his body that tends to be damp. Its on his hand, his mouth, his bottom, and inside his legs. The rash is from catching a high-fever virus last week at daycare. He had a similar rash a year ago from some other virus he caught. I also stayed home because I got stung on the legs 3 times by yellow jackets in my yard yesterday. Last week I got stung by one on the hand, and thought they were located in a bag of yard debris. Nope, they are apparently camped out next to the gate into my yard.

7/12/12 11:40 pm - New Conan movie

I've watched about 30 minutes of the new(ish) Conan movie. Its ridiculous bad so far, but I'm sure I will watch the rest of it, because, hey, I like ridiculous bad on occasion.

6/16/12 06:10 pm - Das Kid

The baby gate on my stairs is useless now. My son can monkey-climb over the bannister and down the stairs.
There are drawbacks to having a fearless child..

5/23/12 08:25 pm - Weekend to come

Having the temp be in the 90s or close is going to completely ruin my weekend plans.

5/17/12 12:58 am - Message to my fellow AEthelmearc White Scarves

Every one of you has earned the right and responsibility of being a White Scarf. Do not forget that, or let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise.

That is all.

5/4/12 12:54 am - New Parent Tip Number 47

New Parent Tip Number 47: Swatting at something flying in front of your eyes in the dark, when it turns out its just your glasses (that now go flying), is a bad idea.

4/24/12 06:47 am - New Parent Tip Number 46

New parent tip number 46: Remove your glasses before attempting to wash your face.

4/23/12 09:49 pm - Still there

There isn't much going on that would be very interesting to most people, but here is a quick list.

I still haven't gotten to fight since the baby was born, but that should change next weekend.
Disaster house is still standing, but it is a mess.
Tomorrow some customers come in to work to try and convince us to make a product they are currently putting together in a far away place.
I'm working the continuous improvement aspect of my job a lot this week.
The baby is growing like crazy, and weighs close to what her brother did at 1 month.. the brother who was 4 inches longer than she was.
Das Kid got to eat shelled peanuts for the first time today. After eating a couple whole, I convinced him that you do, in fact, take the inside out and eat just that part.
The weather has been warm, until the last week or so, when the temp plummeted. No snow here, though.

4/16/12 01:53 am - Sleep?

I think I'll try that sleep thing now. 6am usually comes about 6 in the morning.

4/8/12 01:20 am - Le Sigh Une Main

Looks like my right wrist will need some attention. I need to have a cyst on it reduced or removed, something I have been studiously avoiding for 5-10 yrs. In the last 2 years it has gotten bigger. I'm not sure if it is fibrous or fluid, though I suspect the latter. I have had it for years, and it has changed size every once in a while. Time to find a doc.

4/5/12 10:00 pm - For you NC people

New Belgium announced it is opening an East coast brewery in Ashville, NC. They plan to break ground in 2013 and be up and running in 2015.

I approve of good beer expansion. Long live good beer.

4/4/12 12:45 pm - Hit stuff.

I desire to hit things. Yes.

4/2/12 05:30 am - Morning

Its been morning since about 2am. On a plus, she finally went back to sleep.

3/28/12 02:44 pm - Badtoe, goodkid

Remember my toe crushing incident about a month ago? What fun. Fun I never want to repeat. The thing is looking ugly but the nail hasnt fallen off yet. Im sure it will. At least it doesnt hurt..
Das kid is adjusting well to being a big brother. Young Master Helpful Boy is always wanting to help, with everything from setting the table to yardwork to pooping to helping his Mutti nurse the baby. Those last two we can do without help, thanks.
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3/21/12 05:21 pm - Baby!

Sylvia Canne was born today at 4:30pm. She is 7lb 12oz, and 19.5" long.

Everyone is doing well.

Welcome kid!

3/21/12 03:33 pm - Baby Day?

Well, we are at the hospital and hope to have someone join us later today. Come join the world, kid!

3/17/12 09:39 pm - This American Life retracts story about Foxxcon

For those not interested in looking at npr_junkie, here is the link to TAL's website.

3/6/12 09:57 pm - Well, THAT was rude.

Last night I was cleaning up downstairs so my M-I-L will have a decent place to crash while she is out here for a few weeks. I was not-working and playing with my cat, who was sitting in the basement window, by twirling a piece of cord. I noticed something brown outside the window, and looked up. A deer, who was eating the bird seed out of a feeder in the front yard, had walked over to see what all the hubub was. It looked at me, raised a back leg slightly, pissed on one of my solar lights, and stalked off.
Well, excuuuuuuuuuse me for standing in my house and playing with my cat.

3/3/12 10:58 pm - AEboom

Firefox's dictionary suggestion for AEthelmearc: Thermonuclear.

Let the snickering commence.

2/27/12 10:13 pm - New tv

I'm planning to get a new tv, because the one we have is fairly old with not that large of a display size, and new sets much larger and of better quality cost an acceptable amount.
Right now I'm considering the LG LV4400 42" LED tv. I don't want a smart tv or anything larger, and this one seems to be decent - plus it costs approx $500. I plan to get a wall mount as well to put it up in the downstairs area, once we make it less hunter-man-caveish.
Sure, I can get a better tv for $100 more, but that is not a small amount of money difference. So, any input on what people out there in LJ-land have and what you think of them, let me know.

I'll purchase it from wherever is cheapest and most convenient, since I imagine it will fit in the Outback or get delivered to work.

2/27/12 10:01 pm - Kid 2, coming soon!

Child #2 will be along in a matter of 2-3 weeks now. Due date is π.
The last few days at home in the evening I've tried to just enjoy the company of the other 2 people and the 2 cats we have here now. If this kid is anything like how Das Kid was, the first few months of having a newborn won't be too bad. Just poorly slept, really.

2/21/12 09:40 pm - Small ouches

I failed to mention that Sunday, as I was literally putting the last thing in my car to head to an SCA regional practice in Butler, PA, I dropped my new sword, pommel first, on my toe. I went down like a wet sack, then hobbled into the house, cursing over and over because I knew I had done some ugly damage. I examined the toe and made an effort to ice it while laying about the kitchen, attempting to recall if I've ever had this much pain before. Negative! Obviously I skipped the trip and just tried to elevate my foot while occasionally icing the injury.

I've limped around 2 days now. The really sad part is that today I slipped and rammed the shin of my other leg into a set of metal grate stairs, putting a significant-sized lump on my shin. Hey, the toe doesn't hurt so bad now! Uhh, what leg do I limp on now?
The toe is going to take a long while to heal, so I'm now done fighting until a month after the baby comes, somewhere around mid to late April.

2/19/12 11:30 pm - ZZZZZZZ

Off to bed. I have an early day of fun helping my lab techs QC fireproofing for steel beams.
In other news, Das Kid has no daycare tomorrow, so heike is staying home with him.
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